West Coast Canning and Sessions Craft Canning Relaunch as Vessel Packaging Co.

Bringing All Our Cans Under One Roof

As West Coast Canning and Sessions Craft Canning, we’ve built more than we ever thought possible over the past few years. Starting with just a canning line, a hunch and plenty of determination, we’ve grown into a national company servicing beverage companies across Canada.

‍We’re still owned and run independently by our four founders who have been hands-on since the very beginning. Now, having joined forces, we’ve got teams across the breadth of the country, providing mobile canning services, shrink sleeve label application, printed and blank cans, through to pressure sensitive label application and even design and consultation services.

We all share a passion for the brands we work with and take enormous pride in the hard work we do.

Today, we’re extremely proud to unite West Coast Canning and Sessions Craft Canning and relaunch as Vessel Packaging Co.

In doing so, we’ve taken the opportunity to clarify our service offering. As Vessel Packaging Co we offer an integrated suite of beverage packaging services that scale with your business as you grow. Whether you’re a small coffee roastery hoping to put your cold brew in cans, a cocktail connoisseur looking to launch the next big Ready-To-Drink Cocktail, or a nationwide wine producer or brewery looking to crack the canned market, Vessel Packaging Co can help – wherever you are in Canada.

Head to www.vesselpackaging.com to find out more!

Here’s to bringing all our cans under one roof.

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