With over four years of experience, locations in BC and Alberta, and an ever-growing team of passionate canning professionals, West Coast Canning has you covered – whatever your canning needs.

Much more than just a mobile canning service, we also offer shrink sleeving, printed and blank can sales and can design services. West Coast Canning is the one-stop shop for anyone looking to can their craft. 

Mobile Canning

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Shrink Sleeving

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Aluminum Cans

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Design Services

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Here’s How it Works:

Contact us

We’ll set you up with all the info you need to make the right decision for your business and introduce you to our label partners.

get your labels printed

Once your artwork is approved, our label partners will print your labels and ship them directly to our warehouse.

labels applied to order

We store your labels for free and apply them on-demand, as and when you need them.

Shipped to you

Finished cans are re-palletized and shipped directly to your facility, with the carrier of your choice.

Contact us

Get in touch to book your canning date – we’ll bring your labelled cans with us on the day

Brew your beverage

This part is all you! We provide specs ahead of time and can advise on how to ensure your product is at its best before it’s packaged

Mobile canning

We can your product, carrying out rigorous quality control procedures as we go

Leave no trace

We leave only your finished product, taking everything with us and leaving you free to use your space as you wish

Contact us

Order your printed cans through us and take advantage of our long standing relationship with Crown Bevarage Packaging

SUbmit your artwork

We facilitate the artwork submission and proofing process to help you avoid the pitfalls of printed can development

Cans Printed

Once a proof can has been signed and approved, Crown print your new aluminum beverage cans

Shipped to you

Your printed cans are palletized and shipped directly to your facility.

Contact us

Tell us what size and how many cans you need and when you need them by

Shipped to you

Your blank cans are re-palletized and shipped directly to your facility, with the carrier of your choice.

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