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West Coast Canning – Canadian Beer News

This week we were featured in Canadian Beer News as Canada’s first mobile canning company.

West Coast Canning Offers Mobile Canning Service to B.C. Breweries

VANCOUVER, BC – While cans are becoming an increasingly popular package for craft beer, many small breweries are unable to easily offer their products in a canned format due to the financial and space commitments necessary to install a canning line. But for breweries in British Columbia, a more convenient and affordable option is now available.

West Coast Canning Line

West Coast Canning in action at Moon Under Water in Victoria.

West Coast Canning is Canada’s first mobile canning company, with a Wild Goose Canning line (model WG-250, a 4 head filler capable of 40 CPM) operating out of a 24-foot box truck. Affiliated with Colorado’s Mobile Canning Systems, West Coast Canning offers the equipment, material and labour necessary for any brewery to can their product, including various can sizes and flexibility to accommodate short or full production runs.

Several breweries have already signed on to use West Coast Canning’s services, including The Moon Under Water in Victoria and Postmark Brewing in Vancouver, with more in the works. The company has filled almost 100,000 cans since launching earlier this year, and is aiming to hit a million by April 2015.

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