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BC Craft Beer News – Cover Story

BC Craft Beer News – Canada’s first mobile canning company fills need

The craft brewing industry in British Columbia is full of a tonne of great people and Joe Wiebe – Author of Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider’s Guide to BC Breweries is one of those guys. Having read his book prior to meeting him for a beer in 2014 at the Garrick’s Head Pub , we were excited when we got an e-mail from the Thirsty Writer about an upcoming story he was working on about mobile canning in BC.

Joe had gotten wind of our business plans from Clay Potter who was going to be our first customer at Moon Under Water in Victoria when our equipment arrived. Sure enough Joe was there on day 1 snapping pictures and doing his investigation skills, but we think he just wanted to get his hands on the first craft cans filled by Canada’s first mobile canning company.

Over the next few months we went back and forth via e-mail on a few questions and timed passed by and we kind of forgot about it until a few friends of ours started sending us text message that we were on the cover of BC Craft Beer News.

It’s not TIME Magazine, but it was to us and we have built great relationships with many breweries and cideries whom first heard of us because of Joe’s Article and BC Craft Beer News publishing it.

Here is a link to the full article:

BC Craft Beer News (Sept – Oct 2014) – Canada’s first mobile canning company fills need.

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